Welcome, welcome, welcome all to ‘The Positive Lens’.

My aim for this blog is to reflect everyday life in a positive way, showing you my journey in learning to live life as positively as I can.

Hopefully this will be a blog full of happiness and sprinkled with positivity (with the odd Harry Potter reference here or there ;0)



The inspiration for this blog initially was my struggle to HOPE and POSITIVITY on bad days (which can often be quite frequent). I personally feel like when you are in a bad place, whether it be a bad day/week/month, or you are battling with ongoing struggles, it is so important to remember the POSITIVE things in life. When you are having a rough time it can be so difficult to look at something with a POSITIVE OUTLOOK, you just feel down.

That’s what this site is for 🙂 (well that’s what I’m using it for!!)

This blog is hopefully going to be a library of resources to keep you positive on a good day, and encourage some positivity on a rubbish day.


For more details on me, my aims for this blog and more head over to the ‘about’ section.

And lastly, I hope that when you leave this site you will feel like this:


Tara xx